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Biotechniques 20:20-22. 95.) Zhou, M.Y., S.E. Clark, and C.E. Gomez-Sanchez. 1995. Universal cloning method by TA strategy. Nucleic Acids Res. 13:1997-2008. 71.) Youngblom, J. 2003. Extended stability of Taq DNA polymerase and T4 DNA ligase at various temperatures. Recent reviews have been biased toward newer cloning approaches (3), so it would be easy for students to think paradoxically that established techniques don’t work as well. This technique uses balloon catheters to dilate the maxillary, frontal, and sphenoid natural ostia without bone or soft-tissue removal. Biotechniques 16:802-805. 48.) Wybranietz, W.A., and U. Lauer. 1998. Distinct combination of purification methods dramatically improves cohesive-end subcloning of PCR products.

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